The purpose of this site is to allow the rank-and-file members of the Pacific Media Workers Guild to communicate with each other in order to build a democratic union controlled by the workers. No union officers or staff are involved in the posting of content to this site.

We believe in working class solidarity: An injury to one is an injury to all.

We believe in labor education.

We are for training workers to hold regular meetings, bring proposals and make decisions for themselves. No more bureaucratic specialization and decisions made by a small elite.

We are for union staff to be elected by the membership–no more appointments.

We are for the workers reading all financial reports and approving all financial expenditures.

We are for real solidarity with immigrant workers, not just lip service and photo-ops, and demand and end to deportations and legalization for all.

We are for the CWA creating a national news portal and hiring unemployed journalist to run it.

We are for the live streaming of union meetings and conventions so that the rank-and-file know what is happening in their union.

We are for  industrial unionism as opposed to trade unionism.

We oppose cuts in Social Security and Medicare, and are for a single-payer health care system.

We are for the creation of a party to represent the working class. The business-as-usual mentality and business unionism structure that dominates the labor movement will not and cannot defend working people as our living conditions continue to decline.


  1. […] the record, Carl Hall has nothing to do with said blog, as is stated on the About page. It was created by rank-and-file media workers and interpreters. If the bullyboys in the CFI […]

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